Simply complex solution.

Our customers are written bellow, for example:

PRE SpA - CCTV, CD recording, production of commercials, spots.
TV - NOVA's Eve 1998 5-year anniversary of the new, ads, etc. ..
Czech television, music shows, Werich´s, Armstrong´s anniversaries etc. ..
Prima TV, jingles, shows, advertising
Danone - relaxing music (circulation 10,000 copies)
Publishing Portal, CD priest Tomas Halik (circulation 6000 copies) + other co
Eiffel optic network outlets - CCTV
Vietnam Embassy - CCTV
1 Czech construction SpA security system, cinema, sound system, satellite.
Embassy of Libya - satellite system
Slavomir Lener - satellite systems and UPC
Theatre in the Museum of police - School educational programs - lights, sound
Theatre Josef Dvorak - studio and live.
Pension, south Bohemia sound system, WiFi, projections
Hotel Alice - Karlovy Vary - sound system, WiFi, design, cinema,
Exhibition Lysa nad Labem - sound systems
Tegamo - security systems
DP. Prague - CCTV
Metropolitan Police - CCTV
Prague Florenc Bus Station - CCTV
Restaurant My life - complete sound system, computer, Wifi network.
Čertousy Hotel - Prague - sound system
Brandys nad Labem - public lighting
Jaromír Vejvoda, studio recordings
Publishing Anthony Borovicka - studio recordings
Rococo Theatre - sound elements
Stadium Bohemians - sound direction
Restaurant Dejvická nádražka - sound system, projection, live
The National Circus Berousek - sound systems, studio recording, advertising ...
Film Coming Soon - sound etc ......
Votchi - management
Laco Deczi - studio recordings
Karel Gott - studio recordings
Ivan Mládek - studio recordings
Jan Jirucha - studio recordings
Sisa Sklovská - studio recordings
Jiri Labus-studio recording
Oldrich Kaiser-studio recording
Petr Muk-studio recording
Peter Lipa-studio recording
Coat-studio recording
Jiří Korn-studio recording
Leona Machálková-studio recording
Up N Running - England-studio recording
Troubadour - England-studio recording
Millenium Prime - Austria-studio recording
Zdeněk Kalhous-studio recording
etc. ...

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