Simply complex solution.

The structure of the company is divided into three basic sections, but components can be combined with each other, depending on the type of contract, sometimes just put the finishing touches during the execution of contracts.


There are following services available in this sector:

  • CCTV
  • security systems
  • fixed and mobile sound installation, projection
  • equipment for cinemas, theaters, conference and training rooms
  • acoustic projects
  • videophones
  • satellite sets
  • access systems
  • structured cabling
  • revision
  • IT technology
  • compilation and installation of computers
  • wired netword and wireless network Wifi


There are following services available in this sector:

  • concerts
  • exhibition
  • festivals
  • ad campaigns
  • organization's PR and marketing strategies
  • theater
  • training
  • media representation
  • management
  • receptions
  • weddings
  • Publishing
  • corporate events
  • translation service
  • technical support of events
  • sound, lights, effects
  • catering
  • stage
  • Rentals
  • event services


There are following services available in this sector:

  • media
  • video
  • instructional programs
  • documents
  • records of events
  • studio and live multitrack recordings
  • comments
  • video clips
  • design and production presentation
  • audiovisual scenic projection
  • photos
  • dubbing
  • message exchanges
  • cut
  • mix, mastering
  • pressing CD, DVD
  • production of printed materials, posters, flyers
  • restoration of old recordings and transcripts
  • musical jingles
  • commercials
  • trailers
  • jingles
  • musical accompaniment, etc. ..

desktop publishing, graphic design, web design,

Comprehensive solutions

Comprehensive solutions are in today's hectic times very progressive, thanks to our experience in many fields, we can incorporate segments of orders to each other to best result.
This saves a lot of misunderstanding, unpleasant surprise, time, problems with suppliers, transport costs etc ...
On the contrary, our overall coordination of a comprehensive approach to ensure a clear and compact result in a reasonable time.

Here are several examples of complex services:

training: you want to provide corporate training, we can help you with training materials we provide you complete projection room, sound system, refreshments, if you wish, we will record or instruction, or presentation material, teaser ad from this event can place on your website, we can also create an example.

installation: you want to do the installation in your facility: you install a security camera system, mount the satellite input system, video intercom, wiring, fire alarm system, you will join the ARC, install a computer network, we provide you servicing, inspection, install computer equip conference room, install sound systems, projection, create an ad for your body upload the message to your phone exchanges, etc.

concert: you want to do a concert, we will provide you space, advertising, posters, flyers, ticket, security, catering etc.. If you want a condition that will be inclined to The contractual management, record multitrack recording of your concert, finish the mix and in the studio, we provide lights, sound, create music CDs, or video, or just record the material for further processing.

Wedding: you want to make your wedding, we can help you with the preparation of space, we will arrange accommodation, catering, sound, deliver appropriate ensemble and media program, deliver a photographer and cameraman, document your wedding and create a monument in well done by you as videos, photos, etc ...

campaign: provide you with the organization of PR and marketing strategy, advertising, presentation media, video materials, seminars, talks, presentations, security, catering, stage, sound, projection, time management coordination, documentation and processing information and data, Web, etc ...

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